Sunday, 13 August 2017

Concert: VNV Nation w/iVardensphere (Singularity): August 12th/2017

Well, attended the VNV Nation show, here in Calgary, at Dickens Pub, this past Saturday (August 12th/2017)!

iVardensphere opened up the show with a "Singularity" set (just him on synths)! Of course, iVardensphere put on an excellent show! I really love his "Singularity" sets... just seeing him play sequences from his drum machines/synths etc.! We did get to see him perform recently at Terminus fest with Borys, but that's ok! His set was obviously different than the iV vs Borys set at Terminus, and it was a lot crunchier!! I think Scott was on for 35-40 minutes... I could completely be wrong on this... but it was a nice good, quick set! Obviously, people in the crowd were still coming down from Terminus... I'm sure many of them with post-Terminus blues, but people really wanted to dance... and seemed to be excited that a show was happening so soon after Terminus (also, it's a VNV show... so people are gonna come out anyway)!

VNV Nation took the stage as a four person live show! Obviously, Ronan at the front and three others (two as keys and one on drums in the back [Unfortunately, Mark Jackson was not on this tour with Ronan {not sure why}, but still a pretty good performance overall])! Ronan is a charismatic frontman, always engaging the audience! I love VNV! They were my first industrial show a couple of years after I came back from London, UK! They had played Edmonton the very first time I saw them! At that point in time, they were touring for the 'Futureperfect' album, and they put on an amazing show, and... the status-quo still stands... VNV always put on an amazing show! This time they were touring select small club shows (normally they play much larger venues), and they were playing select songs off the 'Automatic' and 'Empires' albums! Overall, it was an excellent show! If there is one thing I have to say about this show that isn't good, I would have to say, it seemed to be a little quiet in the bar... I feel like, if you were to compare the sound to Terminus, the PA system was much louder. This time, especially during iVardensphere's set I felt it was a little too quiet... and the sub-bass was not really punching through my chest (could also hear everyone's conversations really well, which to me is not a good thing... like I said, I should be able to feel the sub-bass punching me in the chest)! It did get a little better during VNV's set but, I still feel I shouldn't have to stand next to the PA so I could feel the sub-bass! Anyway, that's my only complaint... the performances were excellent! Had a great time with friends! Ran into some old friends that I hadn't seen in a while! And, was pretty drunk by the end of it!

P.S.: We are very lucky shit like this happens here in Calgary! It used to be... shows like this would only happen in Edmonton (they had a quite dedicated scene way back in the day), now that has changed... The only way this shit can continue to happen, is if you guys continue to support the scene! Go to these shows! Go to Terminus! Go to local goth/industrial DJ nights and support your local goth/industrial bands shows! The scene you want, is the scene you make!

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Festival: Terminus: Impact 2017

Another year, another Terminus (now in it's 6th year)! I have attended every single year... the past years have had many good acts! This year has been no exception! Some of the acts I was looking forward to were Cubanate, PIG, VOWWS, Assemblage 23, and some were surprises (HAEX, Wire Spine, and The Blood Of Others)!

The Blood Of Others: These guy's were a surprise to me, they opened up Terminus, they kinda remind me a little bit of Wumpscut (Dried Blood of Gomorhha era [which is probably my favorite]) but maybe a bit more melodic! I didn't get any pictures of them, but here is their album on bandcamp:

Their live show was much noiser than their album, but was still good!

VOWWS: After VOWWS was announced for Terminus, I immediately went and sought out their music! Excellent stuff! I especially like their song "Heartbreaker"! They put on an excellent performance... and many of you know already, for me I find I prefer the live performances over recorded/albums and shit... I find the live performances add a quality to the sound that recorded albums cannot articulate... VOWWS was no exception... I found I liked their live stuff over their studio recordings!

Cubanate: This was the band I went to primarily see at the festival, and they did not disappoint! They were everything I expected; high energy, screamy, breakbeats and all that shit! Their live drummer was pretty amazing too! We were fortunate that Cubanate was doing a reunion tour! Will they put out a new album in the future... don't think so, but if they do, I'll definitely be purchasing it!

HAEX: This band was screamy with occult themes... Not really into the occult stuff, but still pretty good... from what I can tell, their recorded stuff is not as screamy as the live stuff.

Here's their new song "BLOODTOLL":

Assemblage 23: What can I say, Tom always puts on a good show!

Here's a link to the new album on Bandcamp:

WIRE SPINE: This band really surprised me... they have that old school EBM vibe, but the vocals are very noisy! Their set was very good! Very noisy!

PIG: Unfortunately, PIG had to cancel their set due to VISA issues (not getting them in time for the show), but En Esch and most of the band were already there, so En Esch and the other members stepped in to take PIG's place (Eric Gottesman also stepped in on keys for the show at the last minute, as well)! The show was excellent! It's unbelievable that they could throw something like this together at last minute and still pull off a really good show!

They played songs from KMFDM, En Esch, and I think a PIG song there or two!

That's it, those were the highlights/surprises for me! I think this years Terminus did much better than last years... or well, at least it seemed to! As far as, bands and acts that played this year, I feel this year may not have been as solid as previous years, but over all it was pretty good! It is really quite surprising what Chris Hewitt and Ambor Sheppard pull together each year for Terminus! What do you guy's think? Who were your favorites? Who were your surprises?

Monday, 24 July 2017

Industrial Music Monday - Black Line

Well, hello! You know what day it is... fuck yeah, industrial!! This week we have a project out of Los Angeles, California. The music has elements of IDM and electronic-industrial! This project is a collaborative effort, with members from all over the place... the list of contributors is a long one... but I'll try to list them all here: Cyrusrex (Production / Synthesis / Instrumentation / engineering), Douglas J. McCarthy (Vocals / Production), Zack Meyers (Production / instrumentation / vocals), Hen 'Hiwatt' Marshall (Production / engineering), Derrick Baseck (Percussion / synthesis), Bon Harris (Synthesis / production), Brad Apodaca (Synthesis / programming), Michael 'Prophei' Dietel (Production / programming), Anthony Baldino (Sound design / synthesis), Paul Barker (bass guitar), Christian Eigner (live drums), Jon Bates (Guest vocals / production / instrumentation), Mark Walk (Vocal production), Maria Lui. The project is called: Black Line! Check them out!! I would highly suggest checking out the song "Sedition", probably my favorite track off this entire release!

Have a listen, and tell me what you think!

Monday, 17 July 2017

Movie: After Earth

Well, watched “After Earth”, with Will Smith and his son Jaden Smith… it wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t great either… the plot idea was cool, but I think the acting wasn’t very good, which is odd being that it’s Will Smith. Here’s the general description from
        “A crash landing leaves Kitai Raige and his father Cypher stranded on Earth, a millennium after events forced humanity’s escape. With Cypher injured, Kitai must embark on a perilous journey to signal for help.”

Do I recommend..? I’d say skip it.

Industrial Music Monday - Noire Antidote

Well, it's that day, and that means... industrial!!! This week we have a project out of The Netherlands. The music is in the vein of experimental-industrial and witch house. The projects sole songwriter is Benjamin Schoones. It is called: Noire Antidote! Check it out!!

noireantidote Facebook

noire-antidote Soundcloud

noireantidote (audiotrauma) bandcamp

Monday, 10 July 2017

Industrial Music Monday - Cretin Dilettante

What day is it today?? Fuck yeah... Industrial!! This week we have a project out of Denton, Texas. The music is in the vein of Avant-garde Industrial/ Noise-Pop. The prime songwriter for this musical endeavor is Dustin Sheehan, or rather Cretin Dilettante, which also happens to be the name of the project! Here's his upcoming EP:

Cretin Dilettante on BasicUnitProductions Bandcamp

cretindilettante Soundcloud