Monday, 16 October 2017

Industrial Music Monday - Orax

It's that day, and you know what that means... Industrial!! This week we have a project out of Italy. The music is in the vein of synthwave/retrowave with elements of industrial! The project consists of one member: Orax Dumollard. The project is called: Orax! Check it out!!

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Check out the track "Empty" on Bandcamp... really good!

Saturday, 14 October 2017

New Video! Twitch: Chemical Warfare

Here is Twitch's new video for "Chemical Warfare" off of the new album "The Block, The Stream, and The Key"

You can check out the new album here:

Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Book: Unofficial Release: Self-Released and Handmade Audio In Post-Industrial Society by Thomas Bey William Bailey

Just finished reading this book: "Unofficial Release: Self-Released and Handmade Audio in Post-Industrial Society"! What an excellent book! Thomas Bey William Bailey delves into where (Self-released handmade audio) got started, who some of the major contributors were, how it influenced current trends in self-released audio, and where it's going (and if it's still relevant)! Here's the blurb on the back:

"The culture of self-released music and sound art is one of the most vital, yet most overlooked, phenomena resulting from the 20th century revolution in communications technology. In this volume, Thomas Bailey surveys a fascinating realm of creative activity and identifies the key individuals and developments responsible for its continued relevance in the present age. From the networked "mail art" of the 1970s, to the home-taping boom, to the establishment of music labels dealing solely in digital sound files, this culture provides valuable insight into the evolution of the "official" art market and the artists who bypass it. Along the way, we are introduced to a world where networks are artworks in themselves, where blank tapes and recordable CDs are fashioned into elaborate objects, and where relative freedom from creative supervision leads to both colorful innovations and violent aesthetic extremes."

If any of you are interested in "unofficial releases" or "self-released audio" I would highly suggest reading this book!

Monday, 2 October 2017

Industrial Music Monday - Patient Zero

Well, it's that day... and you know what that means... Industrial!! This week we have a project out of the UK. The music is in the vein of industrial/ebm/cyberpunk. The project is called: Patient Zero! Check them out!!

Patient Zero Youtube

patientzero bandcamp

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Patient Zero tumblr

Sunday, 1 October 2017

Thoughts On The Current State Of The World (2017)

Well, every time I log onto Facebook or just look at the news, there is this sense of dread… like, I’m expecting the things the current U.S. president says or does to be gradually getting worse… To be honest, every time I see the daily bullshit, I’m always saying to myself… “What next..?”… We all know the current U.S. president is an idiot… we were all surprised when he won the election and then the Electoral College didn’t vote him out! Now, there’s a threat of nuclear war looming over our heads, cause of the shit that comes out of his mouth… there’s this obvious tension surrounding all of the world right now… A lot of the time, I’m wondering if my efforts and everyone else’s efforts to make the world a better place are actually working… A lot of the time, I’m wondering… will he get impeached (and if he does, will it be any better… we know who will take his place)… A lot of the time, I’m wondering if waiting this out (till the end of his term) is the right answer… I’m actually surprised that he hasn’t been impeached yet… like, what are they waiting for… he is obviously taking the U.S. down into a shit hole… granted the U.S. used to be a world superpower… still is, but I feel like every time he opens his mouth and says something ridiculously stupid he’s digging this giant hole for the country… and making the U.S. a laughing fucking joke to the rest of the world… Granted, I’m not a U.S. citizen… I am a Canadian… but now that this whole situation has arisen and it’s really affecting the world (the nuclear threat from North Korea) it’s hard not to say anything… I dread every day looking on FB or seeing news on various sites and to see that some other fucking drama has started (cause he’s said or done something really fuckin stupid!)… Too be honest, I try and avoid the news (I always have [way too much negativity, and not enough positivity]), but a lot of the time now, it’s really hard… I feel I’m almost forced to look at it now, cause I want to know if there is going to be a world to wake up to in the morning. Sometimes, I think “am I doing enough?”… Sometimes I feel helpless... and “how the fuck did the world get into this situation..?”…I don’t know… what do you guys feel about this situation?

P.S: By the way, I do feel it is important to donate time/money to a charity or cause that you feel is worthy, cause I do think every little action helps, but some of the time I wonder if it’s enough, is there more I could be doing..?

What are your thoughts?

Saturday, 30 September 2017

Movie: Ghost In The Shell (2017)

Well, I finally had a chance to watch the new Ghost In The Shell live action movie. Well, at first I thought the movie was decent, but they definitely dumbed down the concepts and themes though... for instance they talk about robotics instead of cybernetics... I'm sure they did that cause they wanted the "general" public to understand what was going on in the movie, but I feel they should have not done that... I don't think they gave the audience a chance to think about what's going on. The plot was interesting, but I think from what I gathered from the story, they have 4 different stories combined into one... they have elements from the original anime (which is a highly truncated version of the original manga) They also have a bunch of stuff from the Stand Alone Complex anime series (which is not actually a part of the original story) and I think if I remember correctly they have pieces of the G.I.T.S: Arise series where in that story it's more about Motoko trying to figure out who she is and how she ended up joining Section 9 (which is also not part of the original story). Out of all honesty, I think if they were trying to make the movie good and successful, they should have stuck with a live action version of the original G.I.T.S anime movie... I think it would have done much better than the story(s) they used for this movie. I'm sure they tried to set this up for sequels if it did well... but I don't think that is going to happen because it failed at the box office... The more I think about the movie, the worse I think it is... I really do think they should have stuck to the original anime movie... or even the original manga (they totally could've stretched it into a multiple movie series)... and they shouldn't have dumbed it down... I guess the whole other issue, that everyone knows is the whitewashing shit... apparently Japanese fans loved that Scarlett Johansson was casted as Motoko, to be honest I'm on the fence about it... I think they probably should have cast a Japanese actress, but there's also the logic that... her body is just a shell, and she can look like pretty much whatever she wants to... if I remember correctly, there was no mention anywhere in the original manga that she was Japanese... but like I said they probably should have cast her as Japanese... I'm sure the producers and directors chose Scarlett cause they wanted to hopefully appeal to a much larger and wider audience... which we know how that went... the movie failed. So...will I recommend this movie... Yes! The reason being is, I look at this movie as another piece of fanfic... it may not be the original story, it may not even be related to the other pieces of fanfic out there, but... it is visually stunning and it is a different take on the story of Motoko and Section 9. What do you think?

Sunday, 24 September 2017

Industrial Music Monday - Process Of Guilt

What day is it today? It's Monday, and that means... Industrial!! This week we have a project out of Lisbon, Portugal! This band leans more into the doom metal spectrum, but there are elements of industrial. The band consists of 4 members: Hugo, Nuno, Goncalo, and Custodio. They are called: Process Of Guilt! Check them out!!

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